An Open letter to CBIT Community

On August 8, 2019, Cupid CBIT ushered in her first birthday. She gave birth in October. Since October, 2017, she has gone through 10 months of application scenario design, value ecosystem design, licensing economy system design, product and technology architecture construction, legal compliance process and intellectual property system. Work carried out, Cupid released a white paper to the world on August 8, 2018 at the Bird’s Nest, the main venue of the Beijing Olympic Games in China, formally taking the first step in the economic and ecological construction of digital love. As the founder of Cupid, every bit of this journey brings together my feelings on this special day to form a sentence: Believe in the power of love, time has its own answer!

I remember that at the beginning of Cupid’s White Paper in August 2018, there were once seemingly scenic projects that disappeared because there were no landing scenes. At that time, Cupid was not well regarded or understood by the outside world. But with the joint efforts of his partners, Cupid found a complete scenario of landing, and was able to always be down-to-earth without external interference and move firmly towards the goal.

Cupid came for love and received the attention and support of many experts and media. As the world’s first block chain application project based on love scene, Cupid is a major breakthrough in the 3.0 era of block chain. Building a global love economy is unprecedented cause. We know that only real value exists. Only by creating a system can a benign economic ecology be formed. So Cupid focused on the great value ecology, love, which has been agreed upon by human beings at the beginning. The core strategy of development is to create an incremental value system of love experience in the digital age on the one hand, and to empower the real economy with digital experience value on the other hand. Ji, give the meaning of love to the real retail industry, improve the added value of services and commodities, promote the development of real economy, and make people’s love experience more colorful. Block chain + love can make people happier and make life more meaningful. CBIT will become a “digital diamond” that condenses the value of human love experience, helping 5 billion people around the world to get a new love experience, and countless people will benefit from it!

Cupid will continue to adhere to the guidance of enabling real economy, take the free flow of love economy as the means, create new wealth for participants as the goal, make the human love experience happier as the mission, steadily fight, let more and more nodes reach consensus, and achieve the final global of digital love experience economy.

Today, on this special day, we look back together to see the harvest-laden year:

From August to October 2018, Cupid’s team started to develop DAPP products, positively lay out the ecological environment of the love industry, and build a solid strategic partnership foundation.

From November to December 2018, the Cupid team launched the Cupid Heart Intelligent Necklace Project, using China Telecom’s advanced technology to create innovative love expression products, and began to operate Cupid community worldwide.

On Jan. 29, 2019, Cupid held a conference in Pingchang, Korea. Cupid DAPP was officially launched. The first couple of human beings to be on the love chain was born. My heart is full of love because of you has become the content of the first love chain for human beings. At the same time, Pingchang, Korea has become the first holy place of Cupid love in the world.

In March 2019, Cupid stood out from hundreds of projects, and jointly won the Top Ten National “Project Application Sites” by the Communication Industry Association of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Chinese Academy of Management Sciences and the China Business Journal, with Tencent Block Chain Invoice Project, Guizhou Big Data Center Block Chain Project and Hebei Pingquan Municipal Government. Award”. This is also the recognition and honor that Cupid has made great efforts to build a real economic ecology with love experience.

In April 2019, in response to the needs of members of the Cupid community, the Cupid team launched a nationwide campaign covering more than 30 cities. Through the campaign, more people not only recognized Cupid ecology, but also preached to the industry of the block chain to solve the puzzles and accelerate the healthy development of Cupid ecology.

In May 2019, “Cupid College” was officially established. Through online and offline courses, it helps more community members to understand ecology comprehensively and systematically. The application of lecturer nodes is enthusiastic and helps the global development of Cupid’s ecological community.

In June 2019, Cupid CBIT Global Partners Conference was successfully held in Hangzhou, China. On June 22, Cupid DAPP 2.0 was officially launched, which realized the full enabling of the operating node system and provided the global Cupid Operating Node with the first opportunity to share Cupid’s ecological value. At the same time, Cupid (Shanghai) IP Design Center was formally established, laying a more solid foundation for Cupid eco-enabling businesses.

In July 2019, Cupid officially landed on OKex Eco-Exchange 99ex, Cupid CBIT achieved global circulation, further highlighting the value. The first Cupid Lecturer Training Camp was successfully held and hundreds of activities were spontaneously organized by global operating nodes.

On August 4, 2019, at the July Eve Love Marathon Witness Ceremony held in Beijing, the Cupid Global Love Witness Museum project was officially launched and began to accept applications for global cooperation.

The upcoming 3.0 version of Cupid DAPP will further enrich the user’s love experience and empower the physical scene through a series of new functions such as love hall, love interaction, love game and love mall, attracting young users to continuously enter Cupid Ecology to enhance their love experience and participate in ecological construction.

In just one year, Cupid’s ecological development has achieved phased results. As of July 2019, Cupid community covers seven countries and regions worldwide. Cupid DAPP registered users exceeded 200,000, urban partners exceeded 300, operating nodes exceeded 1,000, strategic partners and cooperative media more than 100 covered more than 80 million people.

Of course, this is just the beginning. Our future development of Cupid’s ecology is more clear and firm. On the one hand, it comes from the demand of Cupid’s love experience from global users, and on the other hand, it comes from the support of governments around the world for the development of retail industry, tourism industry and experiential economy. Local governments and well-known scenic spots as well as commercial districts hope to participate in the cooperation of Cupid’s Love Holy Land and Love Witness Hall project, and realize industrial innovation through digital experience retail upgrading.

Cupid will continue to focus on improving the experience of members and users of the ecological community, enabling more physical businesses, and there is still much to be done. In the future, we should continue to optimize the user experience of products, carry out rich market activities, create Cupid ecological experience platform, support operation nodes to deliver value consensus, accelerate the development of global market, and apply to join the Cupid Love Witness Hall construction sites, resources, creative partners, as well as local governments. Enabling entities will support consumption upgrading. In the coming year, there will be a variety of innovations. I believe it will blossom and bear fruit soon.

Today, I am glad to see more and more Cupid eco-consensus nodes joining, more and more investors recognize the value of Cupid, more and more men and women through Cupid CBIT to convey true love, witness eternity, and obtain spiritual pleasure. As consensus and contributors continue to grow, Cupid’s miracle will continue, because the origin of love, because the power of consensus, let’s embrace the future with love.

August 8, 2019

CBIT founder Li Jing