Time: October 28, 2019 to November 10, 2019

1. Product technology trends

The whole station UI design is revised to improve the product experience;

New love hall module, showing love and expression to all users, users can get CBIT through witness and blessing;

Add love achievement module, condense true love…

CBIT Weekly Report

1 product technology trends

*Service expansion, increase CDN, speed up client access
*Build disaster recovery mechanism to prevent failure and other problems affecting user use
*Increase the function of offline love expression and experience, while consumption can express love in the chain
*Optimization and perfection of the detail nodes of…

1,First prize winner @McwikiApe, award amount: 1000CBIT;
2,The second winner, @hermankoles2, was awarded 750 CBIT.
3,The third winner, @Cryptocaes, was awarded 500 CBIT.
4,The fourth winner, @DgiceX, won the prize amount: 400CBIT;
5,The fifth winner is @bec4k, and the award amount is 300 CBIT.
Warm congratulations to the above award-winning community members, thank you for your support to CBIT, and hope you guys can participate in our activities in the future!

Best Regards from CBIT team

On August 8, 2019, Cupid CBIT ushered in her first birthday. She gave birth in October. Since October, 2017, she has gone through 10 months of application scenario design, value ecosystem design, licensing economy system design, product and technology architecture construction, legal compliance process and intellectual property system. Work carried…

Photo Requirements:

1. Individual creative selfie background must have the words CBIT on it.

2. Photoshop and related software are allowed to edit photos

3. Publish your selfie photos on Twitter and @CBIT’s official Twitter account @CBIT03082343

Criteria for selection:

Creativity of self-portrait photos


First prize: 1000 CBIT

Second Prize: 750 CBIT

Third Prize: 500 CBIT

Fourth Prize: 400 CBIT

Fifth Prize: 300 CBIT

In addition, each of the 50 participants will receive 20 CBIT.

Activity time:

2 August 2019–20 August 2019

Channels of participation:

Self-portrait photos can be sent to CBIT’s Telegram Administrator Account @Singapore Cupid Foundation for evaluation

Photo examples:



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